The story behind Dawson City Dancer... 


In the fall  of 2011, my wife Jan and I took our first trip to the Yukon.  When we  visited Dawson City we found the majority of streets remain unpaved and a  number of the original homes built during the gold rush still existed  (albeit some on a distinctive angle thanks to perpetual permafrost).   When we visited Diamond Tooth Gertie’s and Klondike Kate’s - two  landmarks dating back to the gold rush of the late 1890’s, I couldn’t  help but imagine I was back in the days when everyone rushed to Dawson  City to make their fortune.

This song was inspired by a show I saw  at Diamond Tooth Gertie’s and my visit to Klondike Kate’s the next  morning.  One of the dancers from the show served our breakfast and we  discovered she is a professional dancer who travels to Dawson City each  spring and stays until fall.  Her “seasonal” stay is very typical of  many people we met.  As I observed her working diligently, I thought  back to her wonderful performance the night before and considered that  one’s quest for “gold” does not necessarily have to come from a  prospector’s pan.  I don’t know everyone’s motivation for going to the  Yukon, but this song might explain some of the allure.

My song is dedicated to everyone who has  experienced the Yukon and its special “soul”. Thanks to Ali Matthews  for agreeing to grace this work with her creative talents and angelic  voice and to Rick Francis for applying his musical and production genius  to help me shape my music and our experiences into this presentation.   Thanks also to Clarence Kapay who allowed me to use a portion of his  original painting, “Celebration” for the background.  His depiction of  the Northern Lights offers a beautiful metaphor of the dancer’s skirt.

Most of all, thanks to my wife Jan, my  treasured soul mate for her encouragement, support and creative  assistance in helping me turn my notes during breakfast that cold  September morning into this song.

Chris Kayser


Dawson City Dancer

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Dawson City Dancer_Final 1 041612 (mp3)