Chris  Kayser Music Productions (CKMP) is a division of Chris Kayser Music  Ltd.  CKMP will compose, publish, produce and promote works created by  Chris Kayser, as well as those works where Chris collaborates with  others in the music industry.  CKMP’s first three projects were created  with Mel Shaw Music Productions (MSMP).

“Dawson City Dancer” was  released in April, 2012.  I visited the Yukon in September, 2011 watched  a dance show at Diamond Tooth Gertie’s saloon in Dawson City, that  dates back to the late 1800’s during the gold rush days.  The next  morning, I realized that the woman serving breakfast at Klondike Kate’s  was a dancer from the show.  After learning that she travels to the  Yukon each spring and leaves in the fall, like many do, I was inspired  to write a song about what draws some people to the Yukon each year as  they search for their own personal “pot of gold”.  The song was recorded  by Canadian singer/songwriter Ali Matthews who is backed instrumentally  by Rick Francis, who also produced and recorded the song.

“Chuckwagon Champions”,  “Words of the West” and “Memories of a Poet” were  co-written and  produced by Chris Kayser and Mel Shaw.