Chris was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1953.   Chris has enjoyed creating and performing dating back to the 1960’s.    His fascination with music drove him to learn to play numerous  instruments including guitar, piano, saxophone, bagpipes, drums and many  more.  His blues influences include artists Eric Clapton, B.B. King,  Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and others.  His jazz influences include Stan  Getz, Carlos Antonio Jobim, Wes Montgomery and George Benson.   He also  studied Gordon Lightfoot, Jim  Croce, Paul Simon and Chet Atkins to  learn from some of the greatest guitar pickers.

Chris  collected a number of guitars and would spend hours playing along with  numerous artists, starting with one genre with one type of guitar and  then moving to another for a different genre.   He formed a great love  for the alto saxophone and spent a number of years learning all he could  to try to emulate the sax greats.  As a result, he learned to  appreciate alternative forms of music and aspired to play many different  formats of music.

Through  it all, one of Chris’ favourite pastimes remains jamming.  He has been  blessed to jam with such greats as Donnie Walsh from Downchild Blues  Band, the Climax Jazz Band, who he guested with for 9 years, Mel Wilson,  formally with Ian Tyson and Ricky Scaggs, the great blues musician Don  Johnson, Ali Matthews - a great Canadian songwriter and artist, and  others in as far away places as Mongolia and Ireland.  

Chris  has been composing music since the 1970’s and has collaborated with  other wonderful musicians to combine creative ideas in an effort to  create new sounds.  However, it was not until his new association with  Juno Award winning record producer Mel Shaw in 2011 that Chris would  finally “break out” and offer some of his music for commercial purposes. 

Chris released his first  three commercial compositions in September, 2011, co-written with Mel  and on which Chris is playing guitar. 

Chris latest single release,  Dawson City Dancer, is performed by singer/songwriter Ali Matthews.   Rick Francis provided the instrumentation and recording, as well as  producing the song.  He was inspired to write this song about people’s  passion for the Yukon after watching the show at Diamond Tooth Gertie’s  saloon and then being served breakfast at Klondike Kate’s by one of the  dancers from the show the next morning.   He quickly realized that not  everybody who goes to the Yukon is looking for their personal rewards  from a prospector’s pan.  For some, their “pot of gold” is discovered in  other ways.

All songs are available at iTunes and Amazon.mp3.